Vincent Englebert is a Professor of software engineering at the University of Namur. He was Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science between Sept. 2015 and end Aug. 2019 for a period of 4 years.

His research interests are

  • Model Driven Engineering (MDE)
  • Domain Specific Modelling Languages Engineering (DSML)
  • Visual Notations
  • MetaCASEs
  • Software Architectures Engineering
  • MDE & ICT for Ageing people

He has several responsibilities at the University of Namur:

He also held several positions at the Faculty of Computer Science:  President of the Teaching Council (elected), member of both the Council and executive Council of the Faculty (elected), Member of the Council of Academic Staff of the University (elected), member of the Teaching Council of the University, head of the PReCISE Research Center / Information Systems (elected), Director of the Master “Business Analysis and IT Gouvernance” (until sept. 2018) .

He is a member of the research group Natrip/GRIVES “Stress and Ageing: a Transdisciplinary Research Approach (SATRAP)” and is working with the Alzheimer league (Alz&Me).

In 1992, he worked with Prof. Pascal Van Hentenryck at the Brown University on the design and implementation of the GAIA abstract interpreter for Prolog (with Didier Roland). He has been a researcher from 1992 to 1993 at the KULeuven (abstract interpretation of CLP(R) programs to detect future redundant variables). From 1992 to 2000, he has been a researcher of the DB-MAIN team (see 1,2) under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Luc Hainaut where he developed several projects (CODASYL/IDS II reverse engineering, automatic layout of large Entity Relationship Schemas, design and implementation of the Voyager 2 programming language and its companion, the  abstract machine Voyager 1, meta-facilities for the DB-MAIN CASE tool repository, …). Since 2000, Vincent Englebert is a Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science at University of Namur.

His “official” (i.e. nicely generated by a software)  home page at the University of Namur.